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a big brother to my Artofex ph0 

an old Artofex before refurb by http://www.artofex.ch 

after refurbd and showing the typical bowl and trolley big Artofex are supplied with. 

the ebay picture of my machine as I received it with OHMS safety guard attached. Its twin can be seen partially on floor to the left. 
checking temperature before mix 


best shot? 

where machine number plate might of been but isn’t - just empbossed cast reading ’PH0 501’ 

the original ’Advice Note’ again 

detail of ’Advice Note’ 

start of outdoor baking season,April 2007 - note 4 sacks of flour under the Artofex 

here is the serial number #057880 matching the ’Advice Note’ 
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